Basque Pork Pintxos

Serve these pintxos as a snack or appetizer, perhaps paired with other skewered snacks or Spanish-style tapas. Try olives, toasted bread with different toppings, grilled prawns or Spanish chorizo.

Inspired by the dish Chef Dan Pancake and Beth Autridge prepared

Italian Sunday Porchetta

Pork shoulder recipe courtesy of Dave Lieberman, celebrity chef and author of Young and Hungry: Making the Most of Fresh and Affordable Food and Dave’s Dinners: A Fresh Approach to Home-Cooked Meals …

Fresh Pork Shank German-Style

It’s worth a call to the butcher to procure fresh pork shanks. These flavors will remind you of classic German sauerbraten. Let shanks oven braise, unmolested, until very tender. Serve with sliced rye bread and a cucumber and dill salad. …